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Firstly, for a much more in-depth look at this game, go to Nicostratos.com. It is highly recommended if you wish to check out some sweet screenshots, some gameplay footage and more.

Created by Team Makao as a bachelor’s degree exam, Makao Island is a first person environmental experience in the form of a game. Team Makao consisted of Madina Angelina Bakiyeva, Gunhild Bø, Maia N. Anderssen, Zuzanna Piech, Camilla Merete Ødegaard and Erlend Nicostratos Stavdahl - six members in total. Three 3D modellers (Madina, Gunhild and Erlend), two concept artists (Maia and Zuzanna), and one programmer (Camilla) worked on the project for one year, and achieved grade A. The game is free to download and play.

You, the player, wake up on the beach of an unknown island. A mythical spirit animal appears before you and guides you to a large gate dawning four symbols carved in the stone doors. You are presented with a map of the island as the animal vanishes, and one of the symbols lights up. This starts your journey on the island, where you have the freedom to explore at your own pace. To open the gate, you have to find the different spirit animals connected to the symbols on the gate. It is only by listening to the inhabitants of the island and experiencing its culture and environment that this goal will be achieved. The game has an underlying story about moving on to the afterlife, which presents itself through each player's interpretation of the game's events.

Go forth! Explore and experience the village's culture, the island's nature and its slightly mythical ecosystem. Makao Island is made to be a relaxing player experience, and has a dynamic day/night cycle and colorful low-poly art so that the journey of the player will be an esthetically pleasing one.

Install instructions

1) Download MakaoIsland.zip-file and place it where you want

2) Right-click and press "unpack to MakaoIsland_FinalVersion\

3) Open the folder named  MakaoIsland_FinalVersion, find Makao Island.exe

4) Run the .exe


MakaoIsland.zip 221 MB

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